VDT is a competent partner for independent electro-technical system solutions and retrofits for various machines and plants in the field of automation technology. Comprehensive expertise and a great amount of experience characterise our highly specialised team. We are thus in a position to find optimal solutions for both machine and plant manufacturers, and end clients, from the planning phase to maintenance, equally for new builds and for the modernisation of existing plants. The worldwide operational readiness of our engineers is a matter of course.

  • Commissioning: We support you in the commissioning of your new plants and minimise risks and sources of error, which could delay the start of production.
  • Troubleshooting: In the event of plant malfunctions, we can be quickly at your site to localise and eliminate the problem.
  • Network analyses: To ensure your plants are more stable and run smoothly, we offer an assessment of your entire supply network.
  • Logistics / Consignment stock: The most important spare parts for your machines are kept in a warehouse on client site or in our facilities, so machine downtime does not jeopardise the production.
  • Project management: Our project managers take care of the coordination and ensure a smooth and punctual start of your plant.
  • System upgrades: Timely system updates ensure the availability and compatibility of current products.
Software Engineering
  • Planning of system architecture: After a detailed system analysis of your plant, we will plan the best possible solution in collaboration with you.
  • Creation of specification sheet: We will create a binding description for the process to be programmed.
  • Application software: Application software can be created for all common industrial controllers.
  • SCADA systems: We can take care of the suitable visualisation and data processing for your plant.
  • Standardisations: We have extensive experience in the standardisation of automation software.
  • Modernisation / Retrofits: Treat your plant to an update! We efficiently convert electrical installations / automation systems to their later models (e.g. from S5 to S7, or PLC to ControlLogix).
  • Conversions: The software for the control of existing systems of various automation providers can be rewritten for other manufacturers.
Hardware Engineering
  • Switch cabinet construction: We deliver switch cabinets in accordance with EN and UL norms
  • Electrical planning: Technically sound and economic planning of the hardware independent of manufacturers for the conversion or new planning of your machine or plants.
  • Drive dimensioning: Dimensioning of drive system to the latest guidelines.
  • Documentation: Preparation of circuit diagram documentation based on E-plan.